Terza® International

Main export products

Terza® designs carpets that cater the needs of different markets around the world regarding weight, fiber, and colors


These carpets are made of nylon or polyester fibers. They are twisted an heat-set to provide a long lasting, great-looking product.

This kind of carpet looks wonderful in any settings and will enhance every decorating style. It is made with either plain or mixed colors as well as with various patterns, and weight between 20 oz/yd2 to more than 100


These cut-pile carpets look amazing. They are manufactured with tightly twisted yarns and are especially heat-set to provide a different texture on the surface. They are very useful for high traffic enviroments thnks to its dual tone effect that allows footprints to go unnoticed. These carpets can also be used in medium traffic areas such as hallways and staircases

Friezé carpets are made of nylon or polyester fibers, can be manufactured in different weights between 22 oz/yd2 to more than 100

Loop / Berber

This carpet is noted for its superior durability and for being a high-performance carpet for heavy traffic enviroments. Same height loops provide an even surface that is extremely long lasting. These carpets are mainly made of polypropylene fibers and can be produced with either plain or mixed colors as well as various patterns

Nowadays, loop or Berber carpets are the most popular design. Can be manufactured in dofferent weights from 12 oz/yd2 to more than 37.


High-tech carpets that allow detailed floor decoration with various designs such as flowers, stripes and drawings. The affects achived by complex designs provide settings whith a unique personality. Intrincate patterns are expressed across 3 diferent height levels with a 2 or 3 colors combination.

Fibers available for this product are polyester an nylon BCF. MLCL carpets are available in different weights between 36 oz/yd2 to more than 45.

Pasto Sintético

The synthetic grass looks and feels like real grass. It does not require mowing, watering or chemicals.

It can be installed in residential or commertial areas such as: front and back yards, play areas, pool surrounds, soccer fields, etc.